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An OpsWorks Chef cookbook for Clutch.
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An AWS OpsWorks Chef cookbook for clutch.


This Chef cookbook will configure an EC2 instance to run nginx and node for a clutch project. Presently installing node@v6.11.0 and npm@v5.1.x.

Clutch Stack

This section will walk through setting up the Clutch Stack on AWS OpsWorks.

Create the security group

  1. Make a new security group called clutch
  2. Add default Inbound rules for HTTP and SSH

Create the key pair

  1. Make a new key pair called clutch and download the pem file
  2. Move the clutch.pem file to your ~/.ssh directory
  3. Run chmod 400 ~/.ssh/clutch.pem

Create the Stack

  1. Choose the Chef 12 Stack
  2. Give the stack a name, how about Clutch
  3. Choose your default VPC
  4. Use Amazon Linux 2
  5. Choose your SSH key pair clutch
  6. Turn on custom Chef cookbooks
  7. Leave repository type as Git
  8. Use this repository URL -
  9. Pick a color for your Stack
  10. Click Advanced settings and turn off "Use OpsWorks security groups" since this Stack will use the clutch security group
  11. Click the Add Stack button

Add the Clutch Server Layer

  1. Add a new Layer called Clutch Server
  2. Under recipes add clutch::setup to the Setup lifecycle

Add the Clutch Chef App

  1. Add an app called Clutch Chef
  2. Leave repository type as Git
  3. Use this repository URL -
  4. Click the Add App button

Add the Instance Environments

Do the following for staging and production instances:

  1. Add an instance to the clutch stack
  2. Label the hostname {project}-{environment} — example: kitajchuk-www-staging
  3. Pick a tier size
  4. Your Stack settings should be set under Advanced
  5. Click the Add Instance button
  6. Create a new Elastic IP
  7. Register the EIP with the instance

Next Steps

Refer back to the Clutch SDK to finish the AWS setup.

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