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Creates a grunt-nautilus Gruntfile with grunt-init.


Grunt Nautilus is no longer maintained by its original creator – consider using another tool, maybe ProperJS/App ;)


If you haven't already done so, install grunt-init.

Once grunt-init is installed, clone the grunt-init-gruntnautilus template into your ~/.grunt-init/ directory:

git clone ~/.grunt-init/gruntnautilus

If you already have grunt-init-gruntnautilus installed and need to update it, you can do the following:

cd ~/.grunt-init/gruntnautilus

git pull origin master


This init template is installing with the latest release of grunt-nautilus. Run the following command from your project's root, replacing "Firefly" with your project name:

grunt-init gruntnautilus --project "Firefly"

You can optionally use a default template and skip the prompts. The following pre-baked templates exist for these frameworks:

An example of using the middleman template:

grunt-init gruntnautilus:middleman --project "Firefly"

If you are not using a default template, you will answer a series of prompts so grunt-nautilus can make magic happen:

  • What is the path to your public directory?
  • What is the path to your js directory?
  • What is the path to your css directory?
  • What is the path to your sass directory?

This creates the following files in the current working directory:

  • Gruntfile.js
  • package.json

Now you can install the necessary packages:

# Node modules
npm install

This will install grunt, grunt-nautilus and its peer packages as well as jquery and hammerjs.

Grunt Nautilus Plugin

Checkout the grunt-nautilus plugin to continue.