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My little experiments on trying to bind the C++ Haiku API. Currently only tested on Ruby1.9, which can be 
downloaded from

There is an unresolved problem with the shared object file generation, apart from that, the HelloWorld.rb 
works fine through these steps :

> ruby extconf.rb 
> make (will generate HelloWorld.o and a lot of warnings :| ; would also fail to create a shared object 
file, which can be resolved by manually calling gcc)
> gcc -shared Rb_Application.o -o
> ruby HelloWorld.rb

There are some tests/ as well, which would be updated as I constantly learn the Ruby C API (which seems 
pretty nice to use up till now :D) and they can be compiled similarly.

I would probably be moving into using Rice as an automater for certain things as I learn the Ruby C API, 
which would make certain linkings easier. But I'd need to obviously port it before :|