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A CSS-based 3D graphics library
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DivSugar is a CSS-based 3D graphics library, which provides a 3D scene graph, an animation system, and geometry classes. Each node of the scene graph is an extended div element, so it is very easy to integrate 3D animations into existing web pages.

DivSugar depends on CSS 3D transforms and runs on Safari, Chrome, and Firefox for now.

Getting Started

Include divsugar.js, then all of the functions get available via the DivSugar global variable.

<script src="divsugar.js"></script>

A Scene is the root of a scene graph and specifies the rendering area. A Node is an element of a scene graph and draws an image. Both of them contain div elements as their properties.

var scn = new DivSugar.Scene()
  .setSize(800, 600)

var node = new DivSugar.Node()
  .setSize(300, 300)
  .setPosition(10, 20, 30)

DivSugar provides a Task, which calls the onUpdate method of the registered Tasks in every frame. It also calls the onDestroy method when the Task is destroyed.

var task = new DivSugar.Task().appendTo(DivSugar.rootTask);

task.onUpdate = function() {
  node.rotate(this.deltaTime * 0.1, this.deltaTime * 0.2, this.deltaTime * 0.3);

task.onDestroy = function() {

With the playAnimation method of a Node, it is possible to make the Task which plays a sequence of animations automatically.

  ['to', { size: [100, 100], opacity: 0 }, 500, DivSugar.Ease.quadInOut],
  ['wait', 500],
  ['to', { size: [200, 200], opacity: 1 }, 1000, DivSugar.Ease.linear],
  ['play', someAnim],
  ['call', someFunc],
  ['repeat', 10]




  • MIT license
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