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Transfer Matrix Method implemetation & database browser
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Transfer Matrix Method implementation & database (2015-05-24) browser


Extended documentation can be found at

Installation & Basic Usage

By default the RefractiveIndex module thinks that it is installed side-by-side with the database:

+-- _PyTMM
|   +--
+-- RefractiveIndex
|   +-- library.yml

In this case, the database can be used as follows:

catalog = RefractiveIndex()
mat = catalog.getMaterial('main', 'Si', 'Aspnes')
# wavelength in nanometers
n = mat.getRefractiveIndex(500))
n = mat.getExtinctionCoefficient(500))

If your folder structure is different, you just need to specify the path to the RefractiveIndex database:

catalog = RefractiveIndex("./path/to/folder/with/RefractiveIndex/database")
mat = catalog.getMaterial('main', 'Si', 'Aspnes')
n = mat.getRefractiveIndex(500))  # wavelength in nanometers

Examples of using the transferMatrix module can be found in

+-- _PyTMM
|   +-- examples


  • numpy
  • scipy
  • pyyaml
  • matplotlib (for plotting)
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