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Kite Issue Tracker

This repository is used to track user-reported issues for the Kite product. Kite's product consists of:

  • Kite Engine: The local application which analyzes code and hosts the machine learning models that power the Kite experience.
  • Editor plugins: Kite provides integrations with a variety of editors. These plugins talk to the Kite Engine based on user interactions within the editor.
  • Kite Copilot: Companion documentation tool that can show you docs for the Python object underneath your editor's cursor.

If you're a new user, you can download Kite here.

Otherwise, please open an issue in this repository if you are using Kite's product and have one of the following:

  • 🐛 A bug report
  • 💡 A suggestion to enhance the product
  • 🎁 A new feature request

When opening a bug report...

  1. Please make sure your problem has not already been solved in our troubleshooting guide.
  2. Please provide the relevant logs to help our product and engineering teams debug effectively. This help article contains information on how to access and share Kite's logs on your system.
  3. Please search the existing issues to make sure someone else hasn't reported your issue already. If there is already an open issue, you can still contribute by sharing your logs generated in step 2.

What this repository isn't

Please do not use this repository to ask general questions about Kite, or to ask for help using the product. We have extensive help articles for those purposes.


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