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KiteKit for iOS and Mac


KiteKit is an iOS and macOS framework you can embed in your application that allows you to view and play Kite documents (.kite) made with Kite Compositor.


  • iOS: 10.0+
  • macOS: 10.12+

KiteKit is written in Swift and currently requires your app to embed the Swift standard libraries. This will only be a concern to you if your app is 100% Objective-C and contains no existing Swift sources.

One other limitation is that being a Swift binary framework, it requires your app to have Whole Module Optimization turned on in the project settings to launch. I'm not 100% what the cause of this is yet, but if you know of any tips on this please let me know.

Getting Started

To use the framework, clone/download this repository and locate the example project for the platform you're targeting. Inside the repo there are three example projects:

  • iOS Simulator – The framework compiled to target the iOS Simularator.
    /iOSKiteKitExample (Simulator)/KiteKit.framework

  • iOS Device – The framework compiled to target arm and arm64 devices.
    /iOSKiteKitExample (Device)/KiteKit.framework

  • macOS – The framework compiled to target macOS.

Copy the framework bundle into your own project as shown in the example project. Apple has a helpful guide for embedding frameworks here if you need help with this step.

Loading and Playing a Kite Document

In your UIViewController or NSViewController subclass, you can load and create a KitePresentationViewController to display and play a Kite document.

Step by step

1. Import the KiteKit module in your Swift file

import AVFoundation
import JavaScriptCore
import MobileCoreServices // (iOS only)
import KiteKit

2. Get a URL for your embedded Kite document

let documentURL = Bundle.main.url(forResource: "Heart", withExtension: "kite")

3. Create a KiteDocument object to load the document from the URL

let kiteDocument = KiteDocument(fileURL: documentURL)

4. Create a KitePresentationViewController to control playback of the Kite view

let kitePresentationViewController = KitePresentationViewController(kiteDocument: kiteDocument)!

5. Add the KitePresentationViewController's view to the view hieararchy of your app


6. Play the document


All together:

import AVFoundation
import JavaScriptCore
import MobileCoreServices // (iOS only)
import KiteKit

override func viewDidLoad()

    // Get a URL to the embedded Kite document 'Heart.kite'
    guard let documentURL = Bundle.main.url(forResource: "Heart", withExtension: "kite") else {
        fatalError("Bundled kite document not found!")

    // Create a KiteDocument object to load the file
    let kiteDocument = KiteDocument(fileURL: documentURL)

    // Create a KitePresentationViewController to present the view
    guard let kitePresentationViewController = KitePresentationViewController(kiteDocument: kiteDocument) else {
        fatalError("Could not create Kite Presentation View Controller")

    // Hold on to a strong reference to the view controller
    self.kiteViewController = kitePresentationViewController

    // Add the KitePresentationView to the view hierarchy

    // Start the document playback