Updating Arduino Code

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The SAIO has an ATMEGA32u4 (Arduino Leonardo) chip that controls the buttons, brightness, and a few other things.. Sometimes you might need to update the software running on this chip to add new features (e.g. when using the 640x480LCD or 2x joysticks you need to make software changes).

The Arduino is updatable by USB. The Micro USB port on the side of the SAIO is special in that it has 2x functions depending if the board is ON or OFF (determined by the MAIN power switch):

  • SAIO is ON = Micro USB port only used for charging, the Arduino is internally connected to the USB HUB (which is connected to the Pi).
  • SAIO is OFF = Micro USB port is connected directly to the Arduino, allowing it to appear on your computer as a COM port. It will also appear as a USB gamepad!

Install Arduino Software

  1. Download the Arduino software
  2. Install

Preparing for flashing

  1. Power the SAIO OFF
  2. Plug in a micro USB cable into the side of the SAIO, and plug other end into your PC

Preparing the software

  1. Download the latest code (e.g. here)
  2. Browse to Super-AIO/source/SAIO_Arduino/SAIO_v2a/
  3. Double click SAIO_v2a.ino
  4. In the editor click Sketch -> Include Libraries -> Manage Libraries
  5. Search for HID-Project and install it
  6. Click on the config.h tab
  7. Uncomment the HARDWARE define near the top to select your board
  8. Uncomment any feature that you want to enable
  9. Click Tools -> Board -> Arduino Leonardo
  10. Click tools -> Port -> COMX (where X if your COM port labelled Leonardo)
  11. Click upload, and check the bottom of screen for errors or Upload Done
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