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Antichamber timer tools.

What is this?

At the moment, this is a series of tools meant to be preloaded using LD_PRELOAD while running Antichamber to provide logs useful for speedrun timers. Eventually, it may be expanded to cover Windows dll stuff.

Currently, there is a method to detect the end of an any% run by using the raw, compressed length of the data. (ov_raw_total)

A utility quickly made for finding out the output of ov_raw_total for a given file is also provided.


LD_PRELOAD=/path/to/ /path/to/Antichamber/Binaries/Linux/UDKGame-Linux


I used umodel (available here: to extract the ogg files contained within /path/to/Antichamber/UDKGame/CookedLinux/Maps/Hazard/Sublevels/HazardSound.udk using the command: umodel -export -sounds -nomesh -noanim -nostat -notex -nolightmap /path/to/HazardSound.udk. Output files will be contained inside the UmodelExport/HazardSound/SoundNodeWave directory.

oggrawsize (contained here) is what I'm using to get the needed values to compare to inside of the shared library. I'm sure there's a much better way to do this, but I don't know how to get any sort of filename, so this'll do for now.