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Kitodo.Publication is free software, an extension for TYPO3 and part of the Kitodo Digital Library Suite. It implements the user and administrator interfaces for a document and publication server.

DDEV Development Environment

This extension provides a TYPO3 environment powered by DDEV. For more information check out the DDEV documentation.

Start and Configuration

  1. ddev start to start all containers
  2. ddev composer install to install TYPO3 and all extensions
  3. ddev import-db -f db.sql.gz to import the prepared database
  4. ddev launch typo3 to go to the backoffice login page

Steps 1–3 are mandatory after the initial checkout to set up the virtual environment.

TYPO3 backend credentails

  • Username: admin
  • Password: adminadmin

Running Unit Tests

Run all the extensions unit tests simply by executing ddev test.

More information