Simple and user friendly CMS. Can be added as a bundle in an existing project.
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Kitpages Cms Bundle

This bundle is used to manage editorial content in a website.

You can try the online demo :

You can see a 4min video presentation (french) :

Author : Philippe Le Van (twitter @plv)

Why this CMS ?

We are developping this CMS because the opensource CMS we found on the market were too complex for our clients.

The goals of this CMS are :

  • a super easy to use CMS for non technical people
  • a CMS that can be integrated in an existing symfony2 project
  • editorial contents managed by the CMS can be added to a dynamic page
  • no administration page exept the website tree.
  • good for performances

State of the project

In production state.

We are are using this CMS at Kitpages for our client websites.


  • Edition of contents
  • edition/preview/production mode
  • change page layout and block template freely
  • upload images on local server or on Amazon S3
  • resize images while you edit your contents
  • can be integrated as a simple bundle in an existing website
  • manage navigation
  • small news/blog system integrated
  • you remain in a very standard symfony2 website. You can use any symfony2 bundle you want. There's no need for a specific module system for the CMS.


There's two installation methods :