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File metadata and controls

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future v2.0.0 (master)

NEW features

  • display the html file in a twig {% render 'KitpagesFileBundle:Render:htmlWidget' with {'fileInfo', 'parameterList':{'class':cssClassFile } %} DEBUG
  • use KitpagesFileBundle 2.0.0 and KitpagesFileSystemBundle


  • upgrade fileBundle in version 2.0.0
  • (See UPGRADE2.0)
  • php app/console kitCms:updateForFileBundle
  • follow instructions in the kitpagesFileBundle and kitpagesFileSystemBundle
  • you need to run : ./app/console doctrine:schema:update --force and click on "publish all pages and navigation" in the tree page

current v1.3.0 (Feb 20, 2012)

NEW features

  • [NEW] add page creation buttons in the navigation
  • [NEW] tree is expandable and collapsable
  • [NEW] remember Tree state (which node are opened ? scroll level of the page) for each user
  • page link to the first child (for nav entries that goes to the 1st page of the category)
  • inherited values in the tree => you can set a page value for a specific branch of the site tree
  • remove dependecy with KitpagesRedirectionBundle
  • new CSS classes in the navigation code to ease CSS designer work


  • minor fix in navigation display
  • fix in adding technical page
  • correction of the filter of RTE values
  • fix bug when URL title was null


  • you should add something like that in your security.yml : role_hierarchy: ROLE_ADMIN: [ ROLE_USER, ROLE_CMS_ADMIN]

  • you need to run : ./app/console doctrine:schema:update --force and click on "publish all pages and navigation" in the tree page

v1.2.0 (oct 21, 2011)

NEW features

  • action render for 404 page for easing navigation for admins
  • canonical URL for zones and block
  • title for zones
  • block renderer : display anchors for anchor links inside a zone
  • pageId displayed in advanced mode in the tree (helps to change parentId if you want to move a page)
  • add a filter on RTE editors to remove formats included by word for example
  • add a breadcrumb system


  • add forceUrl and linkUrl in navPublish and use a published version of forceUrl
  • add an error message on a duplication of slug
  • add an error message on a duplication of the forceUrl
  • modify constant afterBlockPublish in KitpagesCmsEvents


you need to run : ./app/console doctrine:schema:update --force and click on "publish all pages and navigation" in the tree page


NEW features

  • add page parameters inheritance
  • add modal progress bar on publish all to prevent multiple publish all by the user
  • template and form reorganisation to ease code understanding
  • remove dependency with KitpagesRedirectBundle
  • a configuration "renderer_twig_main" to change the layout.html.twig which adds cms toolbar
  • added some technical values in pagePublish
  • added indicators on needed publication in the tree view and in edition page
  • Breadcrumb management
  • added a big "Publish all pages and navigation" button


  • directory reorganization for templates


  • remove unused date picker (and we miss informations on license)
  • correction on the navigation when the current page was outsite the displayed navigation
  • corrections on the flags displayed when the publication is needed (navigation and page)
  • pageData was not transmitted to the twig layout
  • update cms css for less intrusive stylesheets on the real site design


  • in config.yml, name of configuration changed

In page.layout_list.default twig -> renderer_twig class_data -> data_form_class twig_data -> data_form_twig

Then in page.layout_list.default.zone_list.zone_name_sample render->renderer new parameter required : authorized_block_template_list: ["standard", "news"]

Sep 8, 2011 : v1.0.0-BETA1

first tag