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Symfony2 bundle used for an online shop : cart, order, invoice, shipping, discount,... (alpha state)
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Kitpages Shop Bundle

This bundle is used to create a shop with symfony2.5.

This is a beta version.

Author : Philippe Le Van (twitter @plv)

Why this ShopBundle ?

  • It is simple and robust
  • It is extendable (without creating a sub-bundle)
  • It is linked to the JmsPaymentCoreBundle
  • It does NOT contain catalog or discount system but everything is done to integrate existing catalog or discount system.

State of the project

In beta state.

Stats will arrive soon


  • Cart management
  • Order management (including free orders)
  • invoice creation
  • vat management
  • email sending
  • payment management with the JmsPaymentCoreBundle
  • administration for orders / invoice
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