This plugins is a simple widget that allows you to quickly select a status in a list of predefined status
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kitQuickStatus jQuery plugin

Build Status

This plugins is a simple widget that allows you to quickly select a status in a list of predefined status.


How to use it ?

<!-- creates the link that contains the initial value -->
<a data-key="new" class="status">changed by the plugin</a>

<!-- load jquery and plugin -->
<script src="../lib/jquery-1.9.1.min.js"></script>
<script src="../jquery.kitQuickStatus.js"></script>

<!-- instanciates the plugin -->
        statusList: {
            new: {
            payed: {
                background_color: "#80FF80",
        menuWidth: "160px", // width of the menu
        postUrl: "postAjax.php" // url where the post request is sent
$key = $_POST["key"];
// do something great
echo json_encode(array("key"=>$key));


  • displays a menu
  • calls an ajax POST request to update the value
  • highly configurable with events


BSD (see in this directory)


Philippe Le Van, Kitpages, twitter : plv

History - versions

2013/04/10 : first version


jquery 1.9.x (should work with older versions)


List of the default options and the meaning of each option.

    statusList: {  // list of status. The key is the value exchanged with the server
        "initialized": {
            label: "Initialized",
            background_color: "#000080",
            color: "#FFF"
        "key1": {
            label: "label 1",
            background_color: "#FF0000",
            color: "#FFF"
        "key2": {
            label: "label 2",
            background_color: "#00FF00",
            color: "#FFF"
    useDefaultStyle: true, // use default style hardcoded in the javascript.
    postUrl: null, // URL where new key is posted. If null, no request is sent
    menuWidth: null, // width of the popup menu. Could be "200px" or "10%"
    // callback that can be used
    open: null, // triggered before menu opens
    close: null, // triggered before menu closes
    closeAll: null, // triggered before calling close events on all widget on the page
    select: null, // triggered before action on the click of the user on a new status
    change: null // triggered when the status is changed (after the ajax request if there is an ajax request)


This javascript extracted from unit tests lists the events of this widget :

var element = $('<a id="el" data-key="initialized"></a>');
    statusList: {
        initialized: {
            label: "Init",
            color: "#FFF",
            background_color: "#000080"
        payed: {
            label: "Payed",
            color: "#333",
            background_color: "#00FF00"
var widget ="kitQuickStatus");

var openCallback = function(event, data) {
    console.log("mouseX Position="+data.x);
    console.log("mouseY Position="+data.y);
    ok(true, "true callback");
var closeAllCallback = function(event) {
    ok(true, "close all callback");
var closeCallback = function(event) {
    ok(true, "close callback");
var selectCallback = function(event, data) {
    ok(true, "select callback");
    equal(data.key, "payed", "new value should be payed");
var changeCallback = function(event, data) {
    ok(true, "change callback");
    equal(data.key, "payed", "new value should be payed");
element.on("open_kitQuickStatus", openCallback);
element.on("close_kitQuickStatus", closeCallback);
element.on("closeAll_kitQuickStatus", closeAllCallback);
element.on("select_kitQuickStatus", selectCallback);
element.on("change_kitQuickStatus", changeCallback);
// open menu;
// select the "payed" item
element.find('.kit-quick-status-menu a[data-key="payed"]').click();

equal(element.attr("data-key"), "payed", "new data-key should be modified to payed value");

You can always prevent the widget to execute it's default code by using event.preventDefault().