Simple, Stomp-based, ruote ping pong.
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pong initial drop. Jun 1, 2011

This is a port of the ruote-amqp-ping-pong investigation:

but using Stomp instead of AMQP. I'm also referencing my git fork ( of Daemon-Kit which has the ruote_stomp functionality in it. The example engine app, references my ruote-stomp ( library (via git)

== Demonstration

  1. Clone this project.

  2. Open 3 terminal windows and cd into each project subdirectory [ping/, pong/, ping-pong-engine/].

  3. Ping

➜  ping bundle
➜  ping bin/ping
  1. Pong
➜  pong bundle
➜  pong bin/pong
  1. Ping-Pong-Engine
➜  ping-pong-engine bundle
➜  ping-pong-engine stompserver &
➜  ping-pong-engine ruby lib/main.rb

That's it - you should see the 'app run, and the ping and pong workers do their thing - over Stomp.

I've include the ruby stompserver as a gem dependency in the ping-pong-engine project, so it was fetch with the 'bundle' command.