Visualization software for Kitronyx force touch controllers
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Processing visualization app for Kitronyx Snwoboard

This app will visualize 3D force mapping from your Snowboard.

Original Original


This app will first try to communicate with Snowboard on COM port indicated by snowboard_1610.ini. If COM port is not available or Snowboard does not respond, it will show a 3D image with arbitrary signal strength.

Quick Start




Just run app. Help will be shown in the lower right corner of GUI.

INI files

  • snowboard_1610.ini is default INI file and for matrix sensor 1610
  • snowboard_1007.ini is for matrix sensor 1007
  • snowboard_ms9705_ma1004.ini is for MS9705 and MS9712 with MA1004 adaptor.
  • mc1509_ms9712.ini is for MC1509 controller combined with MS9712 (and MS9705) sensors.

INI configuration


device refers to "snowboard" or "mc1509".


ndrive is the number of lines of a matrix sensor connected to drive channels of Snowboard.


nsense is the number of lines of a matrix sensor connected to sense channels of Snowboard.


activerange indicates the the range of drive and sense lines to be visualized.



interpscale resizes the gathered force image.

  • interpscale = 1


  • interpscale = 3

3X upscale

  • interpscale = 5

5x upscale


port indicates the port number to which Snowboard is connected. auto will ask find the Snowboard in the first COM port found. For COM port n, the value will be COMn.

xdir, ydir, and zdir

These indicate the direction of increasing values along axes. Available options are true and false

driveindex and senseindex

These values indicate the mapping between a matrix sensor and drive/sense channels of Snowboard.

In the following example, 8th drive line is connected to the 1st drive channel of Snowboard. driveindex=8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,0