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Processing-based visualizer for NeuroSky EEG brainwave data output from the Arduino Brain library.
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Processing Brain Grapher


This is a simple Processing application for graphing changes in brain waves over time. It's designed to read data from a hacked MindFlex EEG headset connected via USB.

It's mostly a proof of concept, demonstrating how to parse serial packets from the Arduino Brain Library, monitor signal strength, etc.

BrainGrapher.pde is the main project file. Open this in the Processing PDE to work with the project.

You may need to modfiy the index value in the line serial = new Serial(this, Serial.list()[0], 9600); inside the app's setup() function file depending on which serial / USB port your Arduino is connected to. (Try Serial.list()[1], Serial.list()[2], Serial.list()[3], etc.)

Repository Rename

This project was formerly “Processing-Brain-Grapher” on GitHub, but was renamed to just “BrainGrapher” in 2014 for simplicity's sake.



Created by Eric Mika at NYU ITP in the spring of 2010. Revised in Spring 2012 to keep up with Processing and ControlP5 updates. Updated once more in early 2014 with bundled dependencies and more fixes for Control P5.


Eric Mika

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