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Flapping Toasters
Developed by Michael Edgcumbe and Eric Mika in March 2011. A final project for ITP's 3D Sensing and Visualization class.

You embody a flying toaster. Strike the psi pose to get calibrated, and then start flapping. Tilt in either direction to do a barrel roll. Clap to release toast. Supports multiple players.

Tab toggles the GUI
K toggles the Kinect window
F toggle full screen mode

Process Blog Post
The Scarlet S


  • Uses a Kinect + OpenNI skeleton tracking to detect arm flapping.

  • Built with openFrameworks 0062

  • Compiled against gameoverhack's fork of ofxOpenNI

  • Inclues ofxControlPanel, which requires the ofxDirList addon.

  • Includes some of the new 3D convenience functions from OF 007, although they aren't put to use. See src/utils/ofx3dGraphics.h.

  • Xcode project file is for Xcode 4.

  • Binaries are Intel-only, for Mac OS X 10.6.

  • This project was renamed on GitHub from FlyingKinectToasters to FlappingToasters on April 4th 2011. The old link is broken.

  • The project folder expects to be in a certain location relative to openFrameworks. Something like ~/Documents/openFrameworks0062/apps/examples/flappingToasters

  • Should work on Linux / Windows, but I haven't tested and don't have IDE project files for those platforms. Sorry.


  • Sometimes ofxOpenNI freezes the keyboard on my laptop. External keyboards work fine. The rest of the machine continues to work fine.

  • Startup is slow. This is getting better with subsequent revisions of ofxOpenNI, but don't lose hope if it takes forever to start. You'll also see disconcerting warnings like Retrieving depth generator failed: No match found. Persevere, they're not show-stoppers.

  • Initial wing flapping animation is glitchy until the flap-detection system has enough data to automatically calibrate itself.

Thanks to Kyle McDonald and Zach Lieberman for creating the 3DSAV class. More student projects here:

Thanks to Wagner for the music.

Big thanks to After Dark for their brilliant and twisted screen savers (and for kindly refraining from suing us).


Embody a flying toaster.



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