Django-ace-editor is an implementation of the Ace editor as a form widget.
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Django Ace Editor

It's only supported by Python 1.3 as we make use of staticfiles bundled with the application.

Basic usage

import ace_editor

class MyAdminForm(forms.ModelForm):
    some_code = forms.CharField(widget=ace_editor.CodeEditorWidget())

You can also specify which language you are editing in which will set the appropriate syntax highlighting and static analysis:

class MyAdminForm(forms.ModelForm):
    custom_css = forms.CharField(widget=ace_editor.CodeEditorWidget(mode='css'))


You'll need to have django.contrib.staticfiles in INSTALLED_APPS and have set STATIC_URL so the apps js/css files can load.

pip install -e git+git://

Add ace_editor to your INSTALLED_APPS.


This is an implementation of the Ace-Editor by for Django. The Ace Editor files are licensed under MPL/LGPL/GPL.

Some code and style was taken from django-floppyforms by Bruno Renie et. al. as such anything not in /ace is under a BSD license as well.