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Pakku is a pacman wrapper with additional features, such as AUR support. Stable release is available in AUR.


There are dozens of AUR helpers, but all of them have a fatal flaw: I didn't write them! So I made another useless AUR helper. Say hello to stillborn AUR helper written in stillborn programming language!

Basically, pakku supports the following features:

  • Installing packages from AUR
  • Viewing files and changes between builds
  • Building packages from official repositories
  • Removing make dependencies after building
  • Searching and querying AUR packages
  • Reading comments for AUR packages
  • PKGBUILD retrieving
  • Pacman integration

In other words, it does the same things any AUR helper capable of.

The following principles were the basis of the program:

  • Pacman-like user interface
  • Pacman options support (--asdeps, --needed, etc)
  • Pacman configuration support (output settings, ignored packages, etc)
  • Download, ask all questions, and only after that start building
  • No PKGBUILD sourcing


  • Build packages from sources: pakku -S --build linux linux-headers
  • Query all "dependency islands": pakku -Qdttt