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API Reference

Wonka, in essence, can be used to create sources, to transform sources with operators, and to consume values from a source with sinks.

Looking at the type definition for what a sink is, it's just a function that can be called with a signal, which is either Start, Push, or End. Building on that, a source is just a function that takes a sink and calls it with signals over time. And lastly an operator is a function that accepts a source, alongside some options most of the time, and returns a new source.

Wonka comes with plenty of sources, operators, and sinks built in. This section describes these and explains what they can be used for.

  • Sources 鈥 learn the Wonka source APIs
  • Operators 鈥 learn the Wonka operator APIs
  • Sinks 鈥 learn the Wonka sink APIs