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GifSound 2 is a remake of that aims to improve upon the site based on my personal gripes and feedback from the /r/gifsound community. GifSound 2 is current in pre-Alpha with its first Alpha release coming soon.


I spend too much time on /r/GifSound and found it annoying that gifs sometimes didn't sync to the audio because of gif/YouTube loading times. I was going to contact's creators but I wanted to check if it was possible first. One thing lead to another and I ended up making my own version from scratch.

Features (current)

  • Syncs gif and sound start time
  • No server-side code
  • Modular gif/sound plugins (easy to add support for new gif/sound embeds)

Features (planned)

  • Broader gif/sound support
  • Personal preferences (gif/gifv or whether to sync gif/sound)
  • Broader device support (small screens and older browsers)


Check the releases page for detailed information about what features are being tied to which releases.

  1. Contact /r/gifsound mods with aims to gain feedback/approval
  2. Finish adding basic features and rudimentary media support (Giphy and Gfycat plugins)
  3. Start releasing weekly with minor features each time
  4. Add all useful media plugins
  5. Switch to more gradual releases and issue/passive contact based development
  6. Maintain application as needs be (fix media plugins etc.)


If you see any bugs that you fancy fixing then feel free to send me a pull request. Bear in mind that this application is still in its early stages so don't take too long between forking and the pull request otherwise the app will have steamed ahead of you. I'll try to document the application structure on the wiki but check the state of the dev branch in case I've fallen behind in my wiki contributions.


Please direct suggestions, questions, sexy nudes and hate mail to kittsville(at) or pester me on Twitter (@kittsville) or message me on Reddit.

Legal does not host any of the gifs or sounds that make gifsounds. GifSound2 embeds that content from 3rd parties. If you see a gifsound you don't like then please contact the gif host (,, etc.) or the sound host (,, etc.) and ask them to take it down. I cannot take down what I am not hosting, just as I can't move a parked car that I do not own and did not park.

All gifsounds are the responsibility of their creators.


GPL v2 or later

3rd Party Software Used


By Tobias Ahlin

CSS loading spinners


License: MIT