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A lightweight static web server and reverse proxy designed for the modern web.
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KatWeb - A modern and lightweight webserver designed for the modern web.

Getting KatWeb

To download KatWeb, you can either download a packaged release from the releases page, or compile KatWeb from the source code in the repository (not recommended, code in the repository is not suitable for production use).

Linux Packages

  • Arch Linux users can install the katweb AUR package.
  • Debian/Ubuntu packages are currently in development.
  • CentOS packages are currently in development

Using KatWeb

After you have extracted the compressed release, you can run the right build for your platform. The root folder for serving files is /html/, the configuration is /conf.json. Documentation for KatWeb can be found on the KatWeb Wiki.

Running as root

Running KatWeb as root is not recommended for security reasons. You can allow KatWeb to use to ports below 1024 on Linux by using this command: sudo setcap cap_net_bind_service=+ep ./katweb-linux-*

Modifying KatWeb

If you intend to modify KatWeb, please use the source code from one of the release tags. The latest code in the repository is often unstable and has had very limited testing.

Additional Info

  • Want to discuss KatWeb, or have any questions? Join KatWeb's Discord server.
  • Want to help fund KatWeb's development? Consider donating to the Bitcoin address 1KyggZGHF4BfHoHEXxoGzDmLmcGLaHN2x2.
  • Found a bug in KatWeb? Report it here.

KatWeb 2 / KatWebX

The next major release of KatWeb, named KatWebX, is currently in development. No new features will be added to KatWeb v1 during this time, although KatWeb will still be supported and maintained until June 13, 2019. After KatWebX is released, upgrade support and critical security patches will be available until December 16, 2019.


  • High Peformance TLS 1.2 (v1.0+)
  • Let's Encrypt Integration (v1.9+)
  • High Peformance HTTP/2 (v1.0+)
  • GZIP Compression Support (v1.0+)
  • Brotli Compression Support (v1.9.5+)
  • High Peformance Reverse Proxy (v1.2.7+)
  • Websocket Reverse Proxy (v1.8+)
  • Regex-Based Redirect Support (v1.10.1+)
  • Simple JSON-based configuration (v1.0+)
  • Simple Browser Control Panel (v1.10+)
  • Virtual Hosting Support (v1.0+)
  • Password Protection Support (v1.0+)
  • Multiple Logging Formats (v1.10.1+)
  • Modern Directory Listings (v1.6+)
  • Modern Error Pages (v1.9.1+)
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