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Reusable utility methods for GraphQL authentication in Node.js
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👩‍✈️ graphql-user

This package is using the packages bcrypt and jsonwebtoken in order to provide some reusable functions for GraphQL authentication.

🙋‍♂️ Made by @thekitze

Other projects:

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  • 💌 Twizzy - A standalone app for Twitter DM
  • 💻 Sizzy - A tool for testing responsive design on multiple devices at once
  • 🤖 JSUI - A powerful UI toolkit for managing JavaScript apps
  • 🎥 Vlog - My YouTube channel

Make sure that your app has an APP_SECRET env variable.

It includes the following functions:

  • getUserId(context): string - Returns the id from the currently logged-in user context.request.get("Authorization")
  • getToken(userId: string): string - Returns a token by signing an object containing {userId} using the APP_SECRET
  • getHashedPassword(password: string): string - Returns a hashed version of a password
  • comparePassword(password: string, comparePassword:string): boolean - Compares a password and a hashed password
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