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A tool for developing responsive websites crazy-fast, made by @thekitze

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Sharing with an url

Add ?url=http://your-url.com at the end of the url to share it with a preloaded url.

Example: http://sizzy.co?url=https://preactjs.com

Chrome extension

Adds a Sizzy button in the Chrome toolbar, which on click opens any page directly into Sizzy.

Chrome Extension

Getting Started

  1. Install the dependencies:
yarn install
  1. Start the server:
yarn start
  1. Open it in your browser http://localhost:3033/

Tip: You can also use npm instead of yarn, and if you want to use yarn but you don't have it on your machine, here's how to install it.

Dev issues

Getting module not found errors


Files are imported from their absolute paths instead of their relative paths to avoid repeating ../../../../ when requiring files. Unfortunately on some machines, the NODE_PATH=./src rule from the .env file doesn't get applied, as mentioned in this issue.

Temporary solution is to run export NODE_PATH=./src in the terminal, before running yarn start.


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