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rubylife - A tribute to the ruby community
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Show the world your ruby affection and live the #BadgeLife!


What does it do?

Besides being a stylish ruby pin, it can blink a few animations :)

What do I need?

All you need is soldering gear (iron, tin, tweezers). Everything else is in the kit.

I don't know how to solder!

It's easier than it looks, but a bit of help to kickstart your hardware adventure doesn't hurt. Ask your colleagues or friends for help. Or seek help in a hackerspace near you, they will love to teach you the ropes!

Anything I need to know before I start?

Be aware that all parts - except for the resistors - have a polarity. Their orientation on the board is important.

Checkout this reference!

What is in the kit?

Amount Item
1 Printed circuit board
1 Pre-programmed microcontroller
8 Red LED
8 Resistors
1 Capacitor
1 Battery Holder
1 Battery
1 Mounting pin
1 Glue dot

A more detailed description can be found in the Bill-Of-Materials

I want to write my own software

Easy, but be aware that you need C skills to proceed :/

  1. Setup an ATTiny development environment, e.g. Atmel Studio
  2. Buy a hardware programmer. Make sure it supports TPI, e.g. USBasp
  3. Hookup VCC, GND, TPIC, TPID and RES to your programmer and power it with 5 Volts
  4. ???
  5. Profit!

Who created this?

People from xbAV being passionate about hardware tinkering and the ruby community.

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