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# Markdown
set :markdown_engine, :redcarpet
set :markdown,
fenced_code_blocks: true,
smartypants: true,
disable_indented_code_blocks: true,
prettify: true,
tables: true,
with_toc_data: true,
no_intra_emphasis: true
# Assets
set :css_dir, 'stylesheets'
set :js_dir, 'javascripts'
set :images_dir, 'images'
set :fonts_dir, 'fonts'
# Activate the syntax highlighter
activate :syntax
ready do
require './lib/multilang.rb'
activate :sprockets
activate :autoprefixer do |config|
config.browsers = ['last 2 version', 'Firefox ESR']
config.cascade = false
config.inline = true
# Github pages require relative links
activate :relative_assets
set :relative_links, true
# Build Configuration
configure :build do
# If you're having trouble with Middleman hanging, commenting
# out the following two lines has been known to help
activate :minify_css
activate :minify_javascript
# activate :relative_assets
# activate :asset_hash
# activate :gzip
# Deploy Configuration
# If you want Middleman to listen on a different port, you can set that below
set :port, 4567