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Erlang wrapper for converting HTML to PDF.

Right now it wraps wkhtmltopdf and it might eventually wrap other external programs or libraries.

The application environment config should indicate where wkhtmltopdf is installed by setting the Application configuration parameter wkhtmltopdf_path with a string in your app.config. The default is "wkhtmltopdf" which implies that wkhtmltopdf is in your PATH.

Example app.config:

  [{wkhtmltopdf_path, "/usr/bin/wkhtmltopdf"}]}

Load testing

Download and compile basho_bench first, then

ERL_LIBS=path_to_ehtmltopdf ./basho_bench path_to_ehtmltopdf/priv/ehtmltopdf_bb_driver.config

Note: It will copy priv/mess.svg to your /tmp to make the path simple.

make results

Enjoy the beautiful results in tests/current/summary.png etc.

As a reference, on some MacBook Pro I got a consistent 3 converts per second for 5 minutes. RAM usage looked sane, CPU usage was high. Changing the config to have 6 concurrent workers leads to about 4 operations per second. In both cases the Ops/sec tends slowly upwards.


The KIVRA ehtmltopdf library uses an MIT license. So go ahead and do what you want!