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@@ -71,22 +71,12 @@ moment the client software is released to the public.
Clients are distinguished by their identifiers, and can (optionally) be
authenticated using a secret key shared between the client and server.
-## Building
-This library is built using rebar wrapped with make. It has been developed
-and tested under Erlang R15B01; nothing's stopping you from trying it with another
-version, but your mileage may vary.
-Build with:
- $ make
+## Testing
If you want to run the EUnit test cases, you can do so with:
- $ make test
-To generate documentation, run:
- $ make doc
+ $ rebar -C rebar.tests.config get-deps
+ $ rebar -C rebar.tests.config compile
+ $ rebar -C rebar.tests.config eunit skip_deps=true
## Customization
The library makes no assumptions as to how you want to implement authentication and persistence of

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