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Remote SSH + Python interactive shell in Kivy
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Kivy Remote Shell

Remote SSH+Python interactive shell application. Great for having a remote python shell on an embed platform like android.


  • start the application
  • connect to the ssh ssh -p8000 admin@serverip
  • enter the password: kivy
  • enjoy your python shell

Compile for android

You must have setup

$ git clone git://
$ cd python-for-android
$ ./ -m 'openssl pycrypto pyasn1 pyjnius twisted kivy'
$ cd dist/default
$ ./ --package org.kivy.sshshell --name "Kivy Remote Shell" \
  --version 1 --dir ../../../kivy-remote-shell/ \
  --icon ../../../kivy-remote-shell/icon.png --permission INTERNET debug installd

If you want to compile a release version for sharing, just replace debug installd by release, and sign the APK!

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