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This is the repository where Kivy translations are managed
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Kivy translation project


This is some note written during the process discovery. I'm not sure it's the good way to do it.


Webserver available at

If a lang doesn't appear on the webserver, ask to [mat at]

Underground process

  1. Generate sphinx with gettext

PYTHONPATH=.. sphinx-build -b gettext sources build/gettext

  1. Copy the gettext content as templates in Pootle

# maybe a merge is needed here ? cp build/gettext/* /home/web/

  1. Go on Pootle, and for each language, do

"Update from templates" # XXX sometime, permission denied on .tmp O_o

  1. Work on the translations
  2. Same as 3.
  3. For every language, we need to generate po. They will be done in /home/web/

7. Generate sphinx documentation for all languages sphinx-build -Dlanguage=LANG ... + adjust doc/sources/ / locale_dirs to use compiled directory


  • Make that directory work under git source control
  • Ensure we are able to do translation over time (when docstring changes)
  • Generate documentation automatically from bot


"Make a single file from loose .po files" $ msgcat --use-first general.po [^g]*.po | msgattrib --no-fuzzy -o nl.po

General informations

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