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contest fix Rockivy information
css rework menu, add organization panel and donation button.
ext update ext/kivy.json
images Delete os_mandriva.png
js embed the forum inside kivy page + fix for previous/next navigation c…
logos add bargenius in gallery!
slides Fixed montage image link
torrents updated torrent for more tracker
.gitignore update the core developer list and add the Past core developers section
.htaccess add htaccess to control the cache of html files
README Add documentation to README
favicon.ico update website logo + add logo page. licence is not yet determined, s…
index.html make links protocol relative, fix insecure content warnings
panel-changelog.html Change log for 1.9.1
panel-contest.html Fixed name for Kivy Physics Sandbox in contest
panel-contest2012.html contest results prepwork
panel-forum.html embed the forum inside kivy page + fix for previous/next navigation c…
panel-gallery.html fix gallery webpage
panel-logo.html add a license page for wikipedia
panel-organization.html add informatino about the law behind the org, and creation date
panel-sponsors.html include images for prizes
projects.json fix 1.9.1 release announcement


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