Stopping a video, causes the VideoPlayer to stop working. #663

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Steps to reproduce:

  • Load the VideoPlayer example program. (ie: ../kivy/examples/widgets/
  • Video starts playing automatically.
  • Press the [STOP] button.
  • Press the [PLAY] button to restart/resume video.
  • Notice that nothing happens.
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This was using 1.4.0, Windows 7 64bit.
I believe it was using the gstreamer lib, though I'm not 100% sure about that.


OK, here's an update.

  • Run the VideoPlayer example.
  • Video play's automatically
  • Let video finish
  • User can no longer Play/Seek to any point in the video.

This has been tested on Kivy 1.4.0 on both Windows 7, and OS X Lion


Is anything going to be done about this? I'm experiencing this problem even with 1.5.1.

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@arup14 are you on windows/mac OSX? Could you test by re-sizing the window after you re-play the video, does that make any difference?

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