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iPhone: startup orientation is very strange #700

booherbg opened this Issue · 7 comments

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When I start my iPad app, everything works great. When I build for iPhone, it gets weird.

This happens on both Landscape and Portrait. But I have to enable both for it to work because the only way to get back to normal is to start in one and switch to the other. After the switch (to landscape from portrait), the kivy controls "snap" into place correctly.

Just a simple BoxLayout with some labels and text inputs. I even tested with just a BoxLayout and Submit button. It's like the window is much larger than the screen and the view is zoomed in on it.

Other apps build fine, like touchTracer. Not sure what's going on there. Here's an example with a password display and a button:


Ok, an iphone is needed for debugging that one... Will try to get one.


Please note that I'm using my iPad in iPhone simulator mode.


How can you do that ?


You build it for the iPhone but run it on the iPad. It's supported natively. It runs small and you can do "2x" mode which zooms it in. If you re-build for iPad, it will use native resolution.

So in short, just build for iPhone only and run it on the iPad. It should "just work"


Is this still an issue?


I cannot reproduce this issue when building for iPhone and running on iPad mini (2nd gen). Using a test app with vertical boxlayout containing label, button and textinput.

It seems to have another minor issue when doing this; it doesn't stretch to fill the screen but has a black border (on all sides). Not sure if this is expected due to display/resolution difference.

I could be missing some other step to reproduce of course.

@tshirtman tshirtman closed this

Thanks a lot for testing :)

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