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Everyone can mess things up even with simple installation or update. In version 1.8.0 there was a batch file for making things easier for beginners or regular users, but this file disappeared as the wheel came in. KivyInstaller is inspired by this kivy.bat file from old portable package with multiple new functions:

  • Install Python 2 / Python 3 with Kivy stable or master (with and without admin rights).
  • Update Kivy stable, master or change version (stable<-->master).
  • Update itself (in case of new features, bug fixes).
  • Package Kivy application for Windows:
    • Quick package - takes the name from folder, only for testing.
    • Full package - using PyInstaller directly.
  • Uninstall Kivy and Python (with or without admin rights, depends on installation).
  • All needed versions for debugging at one place.
This batch isn't for compiling!

(May change in future.) Batch works with pip and builds from .whl files. KivyInstaller supports Windows 32bit and 64bit, you can easily download version you need. However, there's one catch. MSI Installers have a Product code for various reasons, for us it means you can install only one Python with same build version x.x.B(the third number) with admin rights installation.

You can change Product code with some free tools and install Python manually with modified .msi however. Workaround also seems to be using lower/higher build version, i.e. if you installed 2.7.11, the another version would be 2.7.10 or 2.7.12. You have to change build version in kivy.bat

-- Product code of .msi doesn't affect having Python 2 and Python 3 at the same time in separate folders. If installed without admin rights, there is no limitation for the same Python version on a single OS, yet a bug may appear during the installation such as leaving some Python stuff inside kivy folder. If it's only Doc, Tools or tcl, just copy&paste it, otherwise remove everything except kivy.bat and .msi, then reinstall.

Defaults: Python versions 2.7.11, 3.4.4, kivy-master 1.9.2. Change them freely inside batch file if you need.

How to use

Get KivyInstaller

~3min of automated process, depends on your internet connection (video)

  • Create a folder for your Python and place kivy.bat inside.
    • Alternatively, clone whole KivyInstaller repo with git clone, Python will be installed there.
  • Run kivy.bat, select your Python and Kivy versions, wait.
    • To select y/n you have to type and press enter(return).
  • Enjoy!
Install to existing Python
  • Copy/clone kivy.bat to your folder with python.exe and run it.
  • Choose your installed Python architecture version (32bit/64bit).
  • Select which Python is installed (2.x/3.x).
  • Best to ignore registering extensions with n option, it won't work anyway because Python is already installed.
  • Choose Kivy version.
  • Enjoy!
  • If you plan to use all features of KivyInstaller(uninstall mainly), you need to change Python version(py2/py3) in config file to the same version you use. Otherwise it may cripple your Python with uninstall option.

Batch uses Kivy wheels for installation, it means: for stable pypi and for master google drive.

  • kivy update
  • kivy updatemaster
  • kivy batupdate

For more details use kivy help after successful installation.


Since version 1.3 KivyInstaller provides a quick way to create a package for Windows with --debug option on.

  • kivy pack "<path>"

This way doesn't support other options such as --name or --icon and is only for debugging. Name of .exe is taken from parent folder of .py. For more options use pyinstaller directly.

Extra PATH

Since 1.4 there is a new empty file available extrapath.kivyinstaller, that provides you an easy way how to extend your PATH without using set manually everytime you would want it to change. This PATH will be also available in every shortcut i.e. Quick Launch, Send To, even Taskbar if you create one manually.

How to use it:

Just paste a new path as it is, without quotes or any other extra characters e.g.:


For more paths, separate them with semicolon as in casual PATH setting:


Don't end the line with semicolon or write multiple lines. It works as a single line.


There's an option to remove Python with Kivy and other packages + cached pip files. However, this option works only if the whole path to folder with Python is the same as used during installation - i.e. it relies on .msi Python installer partially. You can delete msi after installation. If batch needs the msi, it'll download it.

Another option is using kivy remove command to remove Kivy installation only. The conditions are the same as for previous option.

Packages & Features
Python packages
  • docutils
  • Kivy-Garden
  • pip
  • Pygments
  • PyInstaller
  • pypiwin32
  • requests
  • setuptools
  • wget
  • wheel

Running .py file with Send to option works on WinXP+, however taskbar shortcut works only on WinXP and WinVista. The taskbar item runs either as a console, or a file can be drag&dropped to it and it'll run the file directly. Useful for running snippets of code from your desktop. Shortcuts are created automatically after installation and removed together with all other data after kivy uninstall.

Win7+ taskbar has a different functionality than original Quick Launch, therefore a bad workaround is to drag&drop a manually created shortcut for kivy.bat to the taskbar, however script drag&dropping doesn't seem to work anyway. The better one is re-enabling Quick Launch in your system, then the script drag&drop works.

Attention KivyInstaller v1.0 users!

  • Version 1.0 didn't have an option for self-updating, therefore update_v1.bat is available for manual updating to the latest version which has this kind of updating implemented. Copy update_v1.bat inside kivy.bat folder and run it.
  • If anything goes wrong, there will be update_v1.log file available. After successful update you can remove it.
  • For anyone who would clone whole repo - updater will not run if your version isn't ==1.0. If it annoys you, remove it.


If you experience problems, use issues in this repo.

  • can't download Python .msi - probably missing bitsadmin, run cmd and bitsadmin. If available and still not downloading, report issue.
  • Python installation doesn't work - msi.log from your folder is needed.
  • w9xpopen.exe error - Python .msi installer is broken. Delete it, KivyInstaller will download a fresh one.
  • Whatever "Internet security" error for nul and extrapath displayed in details is not an error. The statement only makes an empty file for extra path, ignore it.
  • msvcr100.dll is missing
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