Connecting Kivy with Anaconda (OSX)

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Anaconda is a versatile tool for managing python packages, particularly those with scientific applications such as numpy, scipy, astropy, and scikit-learn. However, Anaconda comes with its own python distribution, and it's slightly complicated to directly install Kivy into an Anaconda distribution.

The first step is to install the requirements using Homebrew (or some other method). Next, create a new Anaconda environment, with whatever packages you need installed (make sure to include cython):

$ conda create --name kivy <your_packages> cython
$ source activate kivy

Finally, we can install Kivy into this environment using pip. However, to make sure that all of your paths are set up correctly, you need to install without binaries.

$ USE_OSX_FRAMEWORKS=0 pip install -I --no-cache-dir --no-binary all kivy

Once this is finished, you can have access to Kivy simply by activating the correct environment:

$ source activate kivy
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