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  • author: Mathieu Virbel
  • kivy: >= 1.0.8

A simple example for showing how you can extend a Label to make it editable by adding a textinput to itself. The textinput will follow the position/size/font attribute of the label. Work only for monoline label.




from kivy.uix.label import Label
from kivy.uix.textinput import TextInput
from kivy.properties import BooleanProperty, ObjectProperty

__all__ = ('EditableLabel', )

class EditableLabel(Label):

    edit = BooleanProperty(False)

    textinput = ObjectProperty(None, allownone=True)

    def on_touch_down(self, touch):
        if self.collide_point(*touch.pos) and not self.edit:
            self.edit = True
        return super(EditableLabel, self).on_touch_down(touch)

    def on_edit(self, instance, value):
        if not value:
            if self.textinput:
        self.textinput = t = TextInput(
                text=self.text, size_hint=(None, None),
                font_size=self.font_size, font_name=self.font_name,
                pos=self.pos, size=self.size, multiline=False)
        self.bind(pos=t.setter('pos'), size=t.setter('size'))
        t.bind(on_text_validate=self.on_text_validate, focus=self.on_text_focus)

    def on_text_validate(self, instance):
        self.text = instance.text
        self.edit = False

    def on_text_focus(self, instance, focus):
        if focus is False:
            self.text = instance.text
            self.edit = False


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