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Plyer is a platform-independant wrapper for python, for platform-dependent apis

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Plyer is a platform-independent api to use features commonly found on various platforms, notably mobile ones, in Python.


Plyer tries not to reinvent the wheel, and will call for external libraries to implement the api in the easiest way, depending on the current platform.

  • on python-for-android, pyjnius is used
  • on kivy-ios, pyobjus is used
  • on windows/mac/linux, commonly found libraries and programs will be used


Platform Android < 4.0 Android > 4.0 iOS Windows OSX Linux
Accelerometer X X X   X  
Camera (taking picture) X X        
GPS X X        
Notifications X X   X X X
Text to speech X X   X X X
Email (open mail client)   X   X X X
Vibrator   X        
Sms (send messages)   X        
Compass X X X      
Unique ID (IMEI or SN) X X   X X X
Gyroscope X X X      
Battery X X   X X X
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