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Optional row-centric visualization (instead of column-centric) #22

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Most of my agenda entries are much longer than high. Therefore I would love to see an alternative style for example for a week where Monday is the first row (instead of the first column) in the layout. Tuesday is the row below and so forth. In contrast to the usual weekly agenda, I would love to see a second column with either next week or the second half of the current week (see image below).

My content could be displayed much better since with the current calfw, I only see the Org-mode file and probably the first two words of each entry - which is not of any help in most cases.

I attached an example sketch of a view I would like to use:

2013-01-14T10 10 Screenshot - calfw week view sketch

So it's more or less the same way as now but in a transposed form.


Hi novoid,

Yes, a wide-width view is useful, especially for org users, because org schedule items have many properties and connections to other information.

I would make a new view which has a single column view, like the MHC view.


I think the implementation of the two column view is not so difficult, employing the implementation of the single column view.

The problem is my spare time. Currently I'm busy for my full-time job...


Hi kiwanami!

I just want to mention that I met a couple of guys desperately looking for a cool Org-agenda visualization like yours. However, all of them said that this would only be of any use with the horizontal layout I suggested above.

If you find any spare time, this would be a great improvement for lots of people out there!


Hi @novoid
Thank you for your comment. Now I'm trying to implement recurring events.
Then, I'll try to do this.


@kiwanami : if you need tester for the recurring events feature, let me know!


@pasja Thank you for your offer!
I'll update the status at #8.


@novoid single column view can be achieved with Org agenda views. Is the 2nd column important? If not, consider a custom agenda and not using calfw for this.


custom row count
custom cell count
custom day count to display
custom agenda item line format...


@mankoff I am using single column view at the moment. However, I'd love to use calfw with dual column view as shown in mock-up above. Can't be done via standard agenda views.


@novoid Yes, I agree, Org doesn't do dual column. I would like that too, and hope this feature does get implemented.

As for @skyer9, I'm not sure what the word list above means, and I'm not trying to push Org agendas when they aren't the right view, but in Org Agenda you can set the number of items shown each day (custom row count?), set the number of days shown (custom cell count?), customize the format of each line, etc.


it needs vertical/horizontal count for day grid view.

total days to show in day grid view.

and, custom agenda item line format.

i think i can add variable for "custom agenda item line format".


with this config, user can make two week view.

for example,
vertical count : 7
horizontal count : 2
days count : 14


@skyer9 You're talking about a possible feature for the future, right?

Or is this existing functionality? If so, where can I find its documentation?


yes, feature for the future.

and i will do on functionality for "custom agenda item line format" in this weekend.


@skyer9 Ah. Thanks!


I'm sorry for my late response and work...


@kiwanami please don't feel bad or apologize. This is Open source software based on your donated time. It is great as-is, and will get better. If people need things now, they can code it themselves or pay others to implement it.


@kiwanami and @mankoff: I totally agree: don't feel bad or pressed! It's such a great thing that you invest time for an open source project!


@mankoff @novoid Thank you for your comment!
Recently, I have been getting busier because my job slightly changed.
However, I'd continue to attend to my works and emacs projects as much as possible.

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