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Skype UI for Emacs Users

This program works under only Linux Desktop Environment (d-bus). Using the d-bus channel, skype.el communicates with skype application and provides some user interface buffers to integrate skype into Emacs work-flow.

Currently, author doesn't use Skype as a primary SMS and has no plan for maintenance.


To use this program, locate this file to load-path directory, and add the following code to your init.el.

(require 'skype)
(setq skype--my-user-handle "your skype account")

UI Command

You can start skype action with following commands:

  • Select chat and open the chat buffer
    • skype--open-recent-chat-buffer-command
    • skype--open-bookmarked-chat-buffer-command
    • skype--open-missed-chat-buffer-command
  • Select a user and open the new chat
    • skype--open-new-chat-command
  • Change your status: Online, Offline, etc...
    • skype--set-my-status-command
  • Set your mood text
    • skype--set-my-mood-text-command
  • Show a list of all users with their status
    • skype--open-all-users-buffer-command

You can bind them to some key sequence.

If you have anything.el, bind skype--anything-command to key like (global-set-key (kbd "M-9") 'skype--anything-command), you can select something from all commands and entries quickly.

Chat buffer

You can use following key bind:

Key Command
n,j move next message
p,k move previous message
a send new message
c copy this message
u update buffer
U refresh buffer
q bury buffer
Q kill buffer
A reply to this message
B toggle bookmark
R toggle auto read
+ add new chat member
L leave me from this chat
t set chat topic
C clear missed flag
E edit this message
l open chat member buffer
m open new chat
M set my mood text

Message buffer

You can use following key bind:

Key Command
C-c C-c send
C-c C-q quit buffer
C-c C-e select emoticon
C-c C-p recall previous message
C-c C-n recall next message
C-S-b chat scroll bottom
C-S-p chat scroll down
C-S-j chat scroll down
C-S-n chat scroll up
C-S-k chat scroll up
C-S-q chat quit
C-S-c chat clear missed


GPL v3