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@@ -539,7 +539,12 @@ is nil or deleted, no window is selected."
"Return the indicated window. WSET is the management object
which is returned by `wlf:layout'. WINFO-NAME is the window name
which is defined by the argument of `wlf:layout'. If the window
-is nil or deleted, return nil."
+is nil or deleted, return nil. Note that after the other window
+configuration is applied by `set-window-configuration', this
+function may return nil because the window configured by wlf is
+not alive. Since many functions calls `set-window-configuration',
+programs depend on `wlf:get-window' should watch invocations of
(wlf:get-winfo winfo-name (wlf:wset-winfo-list wset))))

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