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This app provides a simple form asking for a few personnal appreciations of services. Every text could be customized.

File organisation

  • app/ : Folder who contains all application ready to use sources.
    • ./index.html : The index file, it loads the application and dependencies
    • ./manifest.json : Kiwapp application manifest
    • ./styles/ :
      • main.css : Your css
      • normalize.css : Normalize dependency
    • ./scripts/ :
      • app.js : Our javascript file who contain all mechanics
      • vendor.min.js : Your JavaScript dependencies
    • ./assets/ : Folder of assets as fonts...
      • fonts/ : Appliction fonts
  • images/ : Folder who contains all images resources.
  • sources/ : Folder who contains all application sources (for modifications look at sources folder .

Make it work

First, you have to upload the file to the Kiwapp Retail Manager.
Once is done, some configuration is needed :

  • In the appssection, find your uploaded application.
  • Then click on the gear and edit your application.
  • Here you can upload resources binded to this application. Upload your imagesin an images/repository.
  • Once you did, go to the shopssection, and find your App Set.
  • Click on the gear to the right of your application to Setup app.
  • You have an interface to customize text of each pages and write your own Parse class name and Id. Or you could write your server url if you don't want to use Parse.
  • Click on Ok button
  • The setup is done ! Test your application downloading it on a device !


This application is build on top of :

  • Backbone 1.1.0
  • Lodash 2.4.1
  • jQuery 2.0.3
  • MomentJs 2.5.1
  • Normalize CSS 2.1.3
  • Kiwapp Library 1.2.4

About the application

This application is built on top of Backbone , Lodash and Kiwapp.

You will find inside this repository :

  • app/ : folder containing app sources
  • images/ : folder containing images resources
  • : zip file of content App folder, add this zip to your manager.
  • : zip file of content image folder , like upstaire.

Customize images

You just have to replace each images of your choice inside /images/.

If yours do not have the same name as ours, do not forget to update the main.css contains inside app/style/main.css.

Customize text of application and Upload url

this template give you possibility to edit every questions and text and define upload url.

How to proceed:

  • Go to Kiwapp Manager and log in.
  • Select your Customer
  • Go to shop section and select your shop.
  • Select application inside your App set and click on the config wheel
  • Now you could write text for each pageg and Parse upload config or a specifique Url for collect form data.
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