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Arduino Nano libraries for Arduino Nano

In a nutshell: I was working on a small project using an Arduino Nano, and couldn't find a decent Arduino nano library / module for kicad.

So here's my shot at it. Tested with the standard version packaged for Ubuntu 16.04 and a current download on the Mac.

I assume it will also work on the windows version, it's all the same right? :-)


  • Stick the .kicad_mod and .lib file in a libraries directory in your project or somewhere else.
  • Add the library (or folder) via the schematic library manager, and PCB library manager.
  • Enjoy

Feedback and abuse

This has worked well for a couple of projects but i don't claim it's perfect. Feel free to fork/and pull changes, or flick me an email to if you find something wrong with it.