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Contribution guide

Table of Contents

Commit Message

Please see for information on how to write commit messages.

Commit History

We are using merges with squashing commits.


- Add React
- add react-dom
- fix deps
- another fix
- fix test


- add React & React-Dom
- resolve peer dependencies of React

What to not forget during code reviews

  • Never click on grey "update branch" button on GitHub - it merges master into reviewed base branch, which leads to messed up history
  • Please make sure you've deleted base branch as well by clicking on according GitHub button that appears right after you confirm merge

Development Information

Repository Structure

  • /src - All Source files
  • /es - GENERATED ES compliant modules
  • /lib - GENERATED most compatible modules
  • /config - All test and build configuration can be found here
  • /flow-typed - GENERATED types for Flow
  • /.storybook - Storybook configuration


How to develop

For local development you can use:

  • yarn storybook

In case you want to develop in your current project:

  • yarn add @kiwicom/orbit-components
  • yarn watch in this folder
  • yarn link in this folder
  • yarn link @kiwicom/orbit-components in the project where you want to use this project

See Yarn Link documentation for more information.


Run yarn test-ci to perform the same automatic checks as the CI server. You can also run these checks separately:

  • yarn flow - static type check
  • yarn eslint - ESLint, some warnings can be fixed automatically with yarn eslint --fix
  • yarn test - run all Jest tests
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