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Our entire CSS styling for our components is based on orbit-design-tokens, which contains variables with colors, sizings, spacings, etc. It also contains the functionality to create custom themes that can be used inside orbit-components.

All you need to do is pass colors into the getTokens function and then pass this object into <ThemeProvider />. The component re-exports ThemeProvider from styled-components and will do all the magic for you thanks to React's context API.


import getTokens from "@kiwicom/orbit-components/lib/getTokens"; 
import ThemeProvider from "@kiwicom/orbit-components/lib/ThemeProvider";

const customTokens = getTokens({
  palette: {
    product: {
      light: "#9ae5da",
      lightHover: "#7fded0",
      lightActive: "#64d7c6",
      normal: "#00a991",
      normalHover: "#009882",
      normalActive: "#008f7b",
      dark: "#005448",

const App = () => 
  <ThemeProvider theme={{ yourCustomTheme: { black: "#000" }, orbit: customTokens }}>
    <Button type="secondary" size="large" />
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