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To implement SkipNavigation component into your project you'll need to add the import:

import SkipNavigation from "@kiwicom/orbit-components/lib/SkipNavigation";

After adding import into your project you can use it simply like:

<SkipNavigation />

<Heading dataA11ySection="section-id-to-scrape">


Table below contains all types of the props available in the SkipNavigation component.

Name Type Description
feedbackUrl string Url to a feeedback form.
actions Actions[] An array specifying common actions on a page


Table below contains all types of the props available for Actions array.

Name Type Description
name string Name of a action.
link string A href for linking to another page.
onClick () => void | Promise Callback for handling action.

Functional specs

  • SkipNavigation onFocus scrapes the webpage looking for custom attribute dataA11ySection to create quick page links. You can extend <Heading> and <CardHeader> to contain dataA11ySection. It's important to note that without these attributes on a page, SkipNavigation won't work.


SkipNavigation is used to adress WCAG2.0 Criterion 2.4.1. The intent of this is to allow people who navigate sequentially through content more direct access to the primary content and common actions of the Web page.

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