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The function getSpacingToken is used for additional margin-bottom for some components.

Usage with styled-components

import styled from "styled-components";

import getSpacingToken from "@kiwicom/orbit-components/lib/common/getSpacingToken";

const MyComponent = styled.div`
  margin-bottom: ${getSpacingToken};
  // It's not necessary do destructure props
  // margin-bottom: ${() => getSpacingToken({ spaceAfter, theme }};

MyComponent.defaultProps = {
  theme: defaultTokens,

const App = () => <MyComponent spaceAfter="small" />


This function receives one parameter - object. With usage in styled-components it can receive it automatically.

Name Type Description
spaceAfter enum The value to be applied.
theme typeof defaultTokens Object with theme tokens.

Please note that the token value in the documentation may not be up to date. Check


name used token token value
"smallest" spaceXXSmall 4px
"small" spaceXSmall 8px
"normal" spaceSmall 12px
"medium" spaceMedium 16px
"large" spaceLarge 24px
"largest" spaceXLarge 32px