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  • There will be 11 datasets to test contestant's program on.
  • Number of different cities in datasets are going to be:
    1. 5
    2. 15
    3. 20
    4. 30
    5. 40
    6. 50
    7. 60
    8. 70
    9. 100
    10. 200
    11. 300
  • Competitor's program will be run on each dataset and for each dataset competitor will earn points.
    • If competitor's program gives wrong output, competitor will get 0 points.
    • If competitor's program gives valid output, competitor will get P points, which will be computed as follows.
      • If competitor's program's output gives price which is equal to best one or is better than best one than P=log_2(size of particular dataset)
      • If competitor's program's output is worse than best one than P=[(b/y)^2]*log_2(size of particular dataset) where b is best price amongst all competitors and y is your price.
  • Total points for given solution will be sum of points earned in each dataset
  • If somebody gives better solution than best one, everybody's points are going to be recomputed based on how good is their solution relatively to the new best one.