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Utility to help us fetching ENV variables from Vault automatically
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Originally located here:

This utility exposes one binary: vault2env. It let's you easily load environment variables from your Vault instance and save them in .env file.

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yarn add @kiwicom/vault2env --dev


Basic usage:

yarn vault2env --token=[vault-token] --addr=[vault-addr] --path=secret/path/to/envs

Vault token and address can be set also as env variables - just like with the vault command:

VAULT_TOKEN=[token] VAULT_ADDR=[addr] vault2env --path=secret/path/to/envs

List of CLI options

Option Default? Required? Description
--token - yes Vault token
--addr - yes Url address to Vault
--path - yes Vault path to desired secrets
--force false no Overwrite .env file if already exists
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