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Quick, Font!



With Quick, Font! you can try out fonts on your own website without having to download and install the font. It is similar to Google Fonts, except that I will never track your usage. All fonts are served directly from Github (although the stylesheets are passed through a proxy to ensure the correct Content-Type headers).


Many of these fonts are commercial - you have to pay if you want to use them beyond just testing them out. I take no responsibility or liability if you use these in a commercial project. I'm likely breaking some rules with this site, however I hope that the owners of the fonts will see this as free promotion and advertising. If you are an owner of one of these fonts and would like me to remove it, please open an issue.

I do not earn anything from this site, it is simply a tool to make developing and prototyping much quicker.


I'd really welcome any contributions to this repo. Possible tasks include:

  • Adding links to the original publishers for each font
  • Fixing any CSS font files if they have errors
  • Adding in new fonts
  • Expanding current fonts (eg, add woff2 if there are only woff files)

Getting started

  1. Clone this site
  2. Run npm install
  3. Run npm run build
  4. Run npm run dev to start a dev server


npm run dev     # starts a development server
npm run build   # builds a production site into "_site"